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The Newest Blend Part of The Emperor Collection

Introducing the newest blend part of our best-selling Emperor Collection, the “Empress of Sheba” 6” x 60 Maduro Gordo, dedicated to Black History after the great African Queen. Shipping Worldwide NOW!

El Septimo's First Connecticut-Wrapper Series

Ten new cigars & our first line of Connecticut-wrappers, dedicated to the world's most sovereign rulers... We are even introducing a limited-edition crossover with one of your favorite blends, the King Sargon part of our Gilgamesh Collection, in honor of King Sargon being the world's first-ever Emperor. This Collection boasts lighter-bodied, smoother, and creamier blends than our recent Sacred Arts launch, but all in comparable sizes and rings, in Connecticut AND Maduro wrappers. Hand-rolled with tobacco aged for 5 years. LAUNCHING WORLDWIDE NOW.

King Sargon Limited Edition FILLED Humidors

A limited-edition crossover between our new collection, and one of your favorite El Septimo blends part of our Gilgamesh Collection, the King Sargon Cigar. Available in 2 different sizes in both a Maduro & Connecticut wrapper, and sold exclusively in a filled Emperor Collection-themed humidor (fits 100 / 180 cigars, depending on humidor size/wood).

Comes with 20 / 40 cigars of each of the 4 following sizes (depending on humidor size/wood):

King Sargon Connecticut Robusto: (4 1/4" x 54)
King Sargon Connecticut Churchill: (7 1/4" x 50)
King Sargon Maduro Robusto: (4 1/4" x 54)
King Sargon Maduro Churchill: (7 1/4" x 54)



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