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Eleven new cigars & our first line of Connecticut-wrappers, dedicated to the world’s most sovereign rulers… We are even introducing a limited-edition crossover with one of your favorite blends, the King Sargon part of our Gilgamesh Collection, in honor of King Sargon being the world’s first-ever Emperor. This Collection boasts lighter-bodied, smoother, and creamier blends than our recent Sacred Arts launch, but all in comparable sizes and rings, in Connecticut AND Maduro wrappers. Hand-rolled with tobacco aged for 5 years. And Introducing El Septimo’s newest 6″ x 60 Maduro Gordo part of the Collection, the “Empress of Sheba.” The full-bodied blend is dedicated to Black History after the great African Queen Sheba.

Alexander III (Toro)

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Alexander III (Toro)

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Length: 6″
Ring: 54 Ø

Alexander III of Macedon is known for creating one of the largest empires in history, stretching from Greece to northwestern India, by the age of 30. Undefeated in battle and widely considered one of the most successful military commanders, Alexander is most known for taking control back of The Gates of Nineveh after a community of Assyrian Christians had become widely outnumbered by the newly-ruling Persian Empire. Despite the Persian Military’s extreme sea advantage, Alexander’s bravery led to Darius III of the Persian Empire surrendering, and Alexander restoring peace over the Nineveh Gates, hence the quote inscribed on the inside lid of this Connecticut Toro’s box in the original language of the Assyrian people, “Aramaic,” which reads “For the Great Spirits of Nineveh.”

This buttery Connecticut Toro offers cashew notes with slight orange spices, burning a solid cedar-filled ash from start to finish. The nicely packed cigar offers a silky smooth textures, with no soft spots, a solid burn output, and even ash buildup.

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