4 Ways to Identify a Cigar That Has Gone Bad

Like a fine wine, cigars become better with time. Thus the concept of a “fresh” cigar is actually misleading, as new cigars tend to burn unevenly and offer bitter flavors, whereas properly aged cigars exude more flavors, thus giving the smoker a more pleasurable and refined smoking experience. If your cigar has a dry appearance, […]

Understanding Different Cigar Vitolas and Shapes

Cigars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which are often referred to as Vitolas. Each of the different formats offer varying smoking experiences, in regards to a cigar’s fullness and the overall burning time. Furthermore, the various cigar formats are often very differently priced, which can make it confusing when choosing your first […]

The Effects of Smoking Cigars

There are hundreds of studies that attempt to define the specific degree of risk that smoking entails in relation to a variety of health problems. However, long before all the research proved that it was dangerous to smoke, tobacco was actually used for medicinal purposes, most specifically to lower blood pressure. Besides, if smoking cigars […]

How to Cleanse Your Palate Before Smoking Your Cigar

Have you noticed that your second or third smoke of the day doesn’t burst with its usual flavors? Or that after a certain meal or beverage, mellow and medium-bodied cigars don’t seem as tasty, and you’re probably sensing more of a cigar’s strength than the complexity it should have? This means that it is time […]

The Big Differences in Cigar Lengths and Ring Gauges

Cigars come in dozens of shapes and sizes, and whichever one suits you depends on what your objective is when smoking. The most obvious reason cigars are rolled into different sizes in terms of length and ring gauge boils down to the amount of time a cigar will burn. Longer, fatter cigars will burn for […]

How To Avoid Common Burns

The burning question that many cigar smokers have today, especially the novices, is how to avoid an uneven burn. An uneven burn, or a bad burn, is often caused by rushing through the lighting of the cigar. Be patient as you light-up your premium cigar so that you get the best burn possible. For tips […]

How Far Down Should You Smoke A Cigar?

If you turn to “cigar etiquette” sources, you might have heard you should never smoke more than half a cigar (downright ridiculous, if you ask me). Another common “rule” is that you should set your cigar down and let it burn itself out (not snuff it out) when three finger-widths are left, measured from the […]

The Ultimate Guide On Storing Your Cigars

Just like fine wine, a premium cigar’s quality may be spoiled by improper care. For cigars, this typically means controlling the proper humidity, temperature, and care for your cigars. Unfortunately, many new smokers don’t know how to store cigars properly, and as a result find their premium cigars to be dry and tasteless. When a […]

Pairing Your El Septimo With The Right Drink

Whether it is a cigar and scotch pairing or any cigar and liquor pairing, even experienced cigar smokers and spirit connoisseurs can find themselves at a loss when pairing cigars and drinks. In fact, figuring out which drinks to pair with cigars strikes many as a mystery. But, it’s a mystery that can be solved […]

How To Smoke An El Septimo Cigar

Lighting your first cigar can be a daunting task, especially if you are not an aficionado. However, it shouldn’t be hard work. After all, cigar smoking is intended to be a relaxing and soothing experience, available to everyone, regardless of previous experience or gender. Associating cigars to men or to an elite is a common […]