LA Rams Celebrate Super Bowl LVI Championship Win with El Septimo Cigars

A big congratulations to the Los Angeles Rams for bringing home Super Bowl LVI and for choosing to celebrate with the world’s most premium cigar brand, the ultimate cigar for champions, El Septimo Cigars “RAPHAEL” (6” x 50), aged for 10 years & part of our Sacred Arts Collection.

The Ultimate Guide On Storing Your Cigars

Just like fine wine, a premium cigar’s quality may be spoiled by improper care. For cigars, this typically means controlling the proper humidity, temperature, and care for your cigars. Unfortunately, many new smokers don’t know how to store cigars properly, and as a result find their premium cigars to be dry and tasteless. When a […]

How To Smoke An El Septimo Cigar

Lighting your first cigar can be a daunting task, especially if you are not an aficionado. However, it shouldn’t be hard work. After all, cigar smoking is intended to be a relaxing and soothing experience, available to everyone, regardless of previous experience or gender. Associating cigars to men or to an elite is a common […]