The Emperor Collection
Eleven new cigars & our first line of Connecticut-wrappers, dedicated to the world’s most sovereign rulers… We are even introducing a limited-edition crossover with one of your favorite blends, the King Sargon part of our Gilgamesh Collection, in honor of King Sargon being the world’s first-ever Emperor. This Collection boasts lighter-bodied, smoother, and creamier blends than our recent Sacred Arts launch, but all in comparable sizes and rings, in Connecticut AND Maduro wrappers. Hand-rolled with tobacco aged for 5 years. And Introducing El Septimo’s newest 6″ x 60 Maduro Gordo part of the Collection, the “Empress of Sheba.” The full-bodied blend is dedicated to Black History after the great African Queen Sheba.

Napoleon Maduro (Royal Salomon)

SKU 644216145935

Napoleon Maduro (Royal Salomon)

SKU 644216145935 Category
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Length: 9″
Ring: 55 Ø

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military commander and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution. He initiated many liberal reforms that have persisted in society, and is considered one of the greatest military commanders in history, despite three to six million civilians and soldiers perishing during the Napoleonic Wars. This is shown when the highly celebrated, yet controversial leader said which can be translated as “What is Grand is Always Beautiful,” which is inscribed in French on the inside of this beautiful Maduro cigar box.

This dark & oily Napoleon Maduro Royal Salomon perfects the art of cigar-making, being both regal in size and incomparable in craftsmanship. Offering mild to medium-bodied notes of espresso and dark coco, this smooth and light, yet insanely attractive cigar is the perfect cigar to enjoy when you want the powerful presentation, with not too much bite.

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