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Ian Floranza at Resorts World Eight Lounge’s Top Pick – El Septimo’s Bomba Orange (6 1/2″ x 60). Aged 15 Years.

The Precision of Premium: How El Septimo is Changing the Game

The Precision of Premium: How El Septimo is Changing the Game

LA Rams Celebrate Super Bowl LVI Championship Win with El Septimo Cigars

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Best of the Best - PCA 2022

PCA 2022 RECAP: El Septimo

El Septimo Unveils Magnificent 7 Cognac Collection

El Septimo Names Chip Goldeen Director of Sales & Business Development

El Septimo Acquires Nationwide Distribution Center - Names it 7GD

El Septimo Sells Three $5.5 Million Lighters at PCA Show!