Gold Sampler Pack

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New to El Septimo and don’t know where to start with such a great selection of over 40 blends?

The Gold Discovery Pack includes the following cigars:

Excepcion White: 5″ x 60. Strength 4/5. Aroma 5/5. Intense burnability and pleasant lubrication.

Marilyn: 5″ x 58. 3/5 Strength. 4/5 Aroma. Buttery molasses and nutmeg.

Short Dream Topaz: 4″ x 60. 5/5 Strength. 4/5 Aroma. Leather, dark chocolate and caramel.

Small Sabor Blue: 3 1/2″ x 54. 2/5 Strength. 4/5 Aroma. Round, gradual and generous.

Bullet Blue: 3 1/4″ x 56. 4/5 Strength. 3/5 Aroma. Short and punchy.

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