Large Emerald Green Travel Humidor


The El Septimo travel humidor is ideal for any cigar lover! With premium aluminum metal and a sporty green glossy finish, the humidor is not only stylish, but also the perfect travel case, holding up to 7 cigars at a time with a ring gauge up to 54. The built-in humidor and hygrometer keep the humidor at optimal humidity, essential to the cigar taste and experience. The felt bottom offers a tight seal to retain moisture, as the travel tube comes in a beautiful black velvet bag and El Septimo gift box.

To moisten the case, open the lid and unscrew the bottom part of the lid, dip the sponge with distilled water and turn the sponge over, making sure it doesn’t drip inside the cellar.

Dimensions: 9 cm diameter x 20 cm height

Tube thickness: 2 mm
Net weight: 785 g



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