The Luxus Collection
Known for its wide range of different sizes and blends, The Luxus Collection consists of ten tobacco lines aged for 10 years, and matured for a year or less. This Collection includes some of El Septimo’s best-sellers and the world’s most-known brands, because come, on… have you ever seen cigars like these before ?! Cigars range from 2-inch 20-minute smokes, to tiny Torpedos and even baby cigarillos. But, one thing remains the same: All of the cigars part of the line possess refined aromas, velvety smokes, and are known for their oily and supple dark wrappers. Draws are full & generous with easy & gentle light-ups, as even the fuller-bodied lines gain savor & depth over time. In short, these are sportier cigars for experienced enthusiasts!

Long Shot Black

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Long Shot Black

SKU 644216069033 Category
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Length: 5″
Ring: 68 Ø

An impressive cut, this cigar offers a real burnability and a pleasant lubrication. On one end, this eclectic model has punchy flavors and a notable presence, and on the other, it is elegant with refined aromas. This blend is achieved by carefully blending tobacco leaves to deliver an experience that truly stimulates the senses. The initial flavor upon lighting this cigar is of naturally-aged tobacco, and a shot of pepper. It’s the perfect recipe to get you puffing long and slow so that you could soak up all the flavor possible. By the second and final third, the cigar begins to offer high-end, old-school notes of cedar and leather. As the pepper nearly disappears, all other flavors stay in just the right position, showcasing the great range and quality of this blend’s tobacco.

To purchase, find the nearest retailer to you. Click here to find your nearest retailer.

To purchase, find the nearest retailer to you. Click here to find your nearest retailer.

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