The Zaya Collection
Offering cigar aficionados the quintessential range of flavors, The Zaya Collection is blended from a selection of the highest quality tobaccos, aged up to 15 years, and rolled with five fillers. This is why cigars in this Collection range at slightly larger ring gauges, because cigars are packed with more tobacco, hence offering more complex flavors. The perfection of this Collection lies in the rigorous selection of its wrappers: shiny, dark and stain-free. Slender & long cigars boast an impressive cut with a tightened quality, prolonging the creamy smoke. Medium & full-bodied cigars have an intense leather aroma with a balanced strength, offering a premium range as our standard. Cigars are smooth & rich, boasting a range of flavors from a sweet marzipan vanilla blend to a bitter roast of walnuts.

Mirifico Sapphire

SKU 644216066032
(1 customer review)

Mirifico Sapphire

SKU 644216066032 Categories , ,
(1 customer review)
  • Aroma:
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Length: 6 3/4″
Ring: 58 Ø

“The greater length prolongs the joy” is our motto on repeat when smoking the Mirifico Sapphire! This slender cigar offers a complex blend, with a softened aroma and strength, delivering a creamy smoke. The cigar’s cold aroma is of earth and leather, with just the slightest touch of dried fruit. The Mirifico produces copious amounts of thick and layered smoke while coating the mouth with sweet flavors of marzipan and vanilla.

To purchase, find the nearest retailer to you. Click here to find your nearest retailer.

To purchase, find the nearest retailer to you. Click here to find your nearest retailer.

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1 review for Mirifico Sapphire

  1. Mouris

    Mirfico sapphire is amazing love it so much and I would recommend it to anyone plus I’m a big fan of el septimo just amazing product will always be a customer.

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