Platinum Discovery Collection Sampler Box

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Shop from one of El Septimo’s two Limited Edition Holiday releases part of The Discovery Collection.

Available for the 2020 Holiday Season only, the Platinum Edition makes the perfect stocking stuffer and comes in the limited edition Platinum Edition packaging.

Consisting of three cigars, the Platinum Edition offers the perfect El Septimo sampling experience for experienced connoisseurs looking to try some of El Septimo’s most coveted & complex blends, aged for a minimum of ten years.

•Bomba Orange (6 1/2″ x 60): 3/5 Strength. 5/5 Aroma. Tobacco Aged for Over Fifteen Years. Smooth & Leathery Texture. Subtle, Yet Complex & Balanced Flavors.

•Kolosso Amethyst (6″ x 60): 3/5 Strength. 5/5 Aroma. Complex Aromas with a Controlled Strength. Delicate & Smooth Flavors of Leather & Dark Licorice. Sweet Endnotes of Marzipan & Salted Caramel.

•Excepcion White (5″ x 60): 2/5 Strength. 5/5 Aroma. Rich & Oily Wrapper. Bittersweet Blends of Roasted Almonds, Pine Nuts & White Chocolate. Floral High Notes.

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