Pure Mother of Pearl Stone Humidor


Mother of pearl is a natural, handcrafted stone known to bring beauty and character with its pristine design, known to provide soothing energy. It is a type of shell that gives its exclusive look to the natural beauty of the shellfish interior. Harvesting this shell and polishing it into beautiful pieces is an art in itself.

This humidor is made of 100% mother of pearl stone with 18K gold details. The interior is 100% Spanish cedar and offers two trays that can hold over 100 cigars in total, depending on the size. The built-in hygrometer is the perfect instrument to measure the amount of water vapor and humidity level inside your humidor, so you can be sure to store your cigars at the perfect temperature at all times. This humidor comes in a beautiful travel case and is wrapped in a protective velvet pouch, making it not only an ordinary humidor to store your cigars but a piece of furniture that can be passed down for generations.



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