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Now the world can smoke an El Septimo Cigar designed and dedicated for each day of the week. Each cigar is dedicated to a famous painter who has created some of the world’s most famous pieces of artwork. Medium-bodied cigars come in more traditional sizes, including the Toro, Robusto, Lancero, Torpedo, Eagle, Salomon, and even the Royal Salomon. Cigars are aged for ten years, and we’ve even introduced a Sampler Box for you, so that you can try all seven blends at once!


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Length: 7″
Ring: 54 Ø

The El Septimo Sacred Arts Salvador Dali cigar is a 6 ½” x 54 Toro dedicated to Christ of Saint John of the Cross. It represents the fifth day of creation when God created the creatures of the sea and the birds.

To purchase, find the nearest retailer to you. Click here to find your nearest retailer.

To purchase, find the nearest retailer to you. Click here to find your nearest retailer.

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