Tiger Safari Collection Ashtray


One of four designs released by El Septimo and part of its limited edition Safari Collection Ashtray, this rectangular ceramic Tigress ashtray is the perfect collector’s item that can double as a nice touch to your home decor.

This handmade ashtray offers a unique and elegant design with a gold hand contour and has a two-slot design, allowing you to rest your cigar comfortably and neatly without damaging or extinguishing it. With a smooth texture and glaze color, this ashtray is corrosion resistant and offers easy cleaning and environmental and health protection with a high quality temperament. The humanized design on the bottom is both unglazed and water resistant, while avoiding leaving friction damage to desktops.

Try to collect all four limited edition models before the Safari Collection Ashtray sells out quickly!

Dimensions: 20.5 x 17 cm.



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