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Eleven new cigars & our first line of Connecticut-wrappers, dedicated to the world’s most sovereign rulers… We are even introducing a limited-edition crossover with one of your favorite blends, the King Sargon part of our Gilgamesh Collection, in honor of King Sargon being the world’s first-ever Emperor. This Collection boasts lighter-bodied, smoother, and creamier blends than our recent Sacred Arts launch, but all in comparable sizes and rings, in Connecticut AND Maduro wrappers. Hand-rolled with tobacco aged for 5 years. And Introducing El Septimo’s newest 6″ x 60 Maduro Gordo part of the Collection, the “Empress of Sheba.” The full-bodied blend is dedicated to Black History after the great African Queen Sheba.

Yao Connecticut (Torpedo)

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Yao Connecticut (Torpedo)

SKU 644216146130 Category
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Length: 6 1/2″
Ring: 60 Ø

Emperor Yao is a legendary Chinese ruler known for being one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. It was during the reign of Emperor Yao over 4,000 years ago that the Great Flood began, a flood so vast that no part of Yao’s territory was spared from destruction or famine, and both the Yellow River and the Yangtze valleys flooded. Yao is known for having been a generous emperor who always put the interests of his people before those of his own family, which is where his famous quote inscribed in Chinese on the inside lid of this Connecticut cigar box comes from, which reads “The strategy aims to conquer the resources vital to the survival of the Nation.

This Connecticut torpedo is the antithesis of its Maduro brother, also being just as it appears to be. While still offering a medium-bodied strength, the Yao Connecticut contrasts by instead presenting creamy, nutty, and oaky flavors, while still acting as the perfect smooth, yet not too soft of an everyday cigar staple for your humidor.

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